Saturday, 16 February 2013

All day breakfast (includes porridge)

I've been doing more cooking and eating than writing of late.  Oh well, if I manage to steal a few minutes at the computer throughout the year, I should be organised for some Christmas posts next year! 

I enjoyed a rare day at home by myself this week.  I'm on maternity leave, so before the new baby arrives, and while my wee one was at nursery, I took the chance to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  I love a good breakfast to keep me going, and this 1950s recipe (another from Good Housekeeping) saves me from choosing between two of my favourites - porridge and a cooked breakfast.

 Oatmeal Fritters
1 rasher of bacon
1 large  mushroom
1 tomato
1 oz rolled oats
1 egg
1/2 tsp chopped parsley
Salt & pepper
Fat for frying

Cut the bacon, mushroom and tomato into small pieces and fry lightly.  Add the other ingredientss to the pan and mix well. Fry, turning if necessary, until golden-brown on both sides.

I didn't have the mushroom, but otherwise just followed the recipe.  It was too crumbly to turn in one piece, but cut it into quarters then tried to mould it together again. 

The taste test
Delicious!  This is basically a frittata or omelet including oatmeal.  I had wondered if the oatmeal would be a little chewy, but it just added the carbs to make it a filling meal.  Between the fat from the bacon / oil for cooking, juice from tomato and the egg, there was enough liquid to make the oatmeal nice and moist.  It's actually easier than making a frittata with potato or  pasta which needs to be pre-cooked.  A winner!